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What is TBC?

TBC is called the billion coin. It is a new crypto currency money that was launched on March 21st 2016. Its opening cost was 0.001 Euros and has gone up in an incentive by 5% as far back as that day. TBC is a valid and decentralized digital currency with an aggregate coin flow of 1 Billion coins. This is the most emerging group on the internet and it’s just going to explode and boom globally greater, bigger and better and more viral in circulation across the world. It’s the only crypto currency on planet earth that is changing the poor state of common individuals/ members to instant millionaires and their goal of stepping holders of their coins into billionaires is almost here; the year 2018 Join us now it’s the core of what we offer here while leveraging the use of our application site to boost your marketing efforts, get TBC now before it’s too late. Please use the facebook contact box on this site to place order for your TBC units. Thank You!

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All our intending affiliates will have to join our group at “TBC cashout affiliates” to receive the campaign copies, Promo banners and a FREE membership access into our ultimate fb messenger autopilot system REGISTER FOR TBC CASHOUT AFFILIATE NOW For you it’s completely free but for other facebook marketers out there it’s Paid on monthly basis for them as it will not just bring in members into their sites but will also get theirs engaged completely as loyal subscribers without the subscribers knowing what magic is happening at the background that is luring them to take action whether they like it or not. We reward you with 50% i.e half of whatever amount of tbc we sell out to this new investors live no scamming, no argument! Please we will keep informing you from time to time on how to best you can make this work out for us. Apart from the free membership access that we give you, we shall also request our registered affiliates to provide us with their bank account details where they can receive their 50% share immediately after a sale is made.

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